At Lone Star Spit And Shine, we're a full-service window cleaning company. Our window cleaning technicians are well trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of window care including pure water window cleaning. We specialize in the three basic types of window cleaning service: general maintenance window washing, post-construction or remodeling window cleaning, and window restoration. We also offer maintenance packages to help keep your home sparkling clean!

I called Lone Star Spit And Shine in the morning. They had an opening right away and offered to perform my services immediately. They arrived on time. Sheldon (the owner) and his employee performed the work. The same employee has been with Sheldon every time I have had my windows cleaned over the past 2 years (great continuity). The work is always done efficiently, and very effectively. My windows shine. Sheldon is very personable and professional. I will never call anyone else for window cleaning.

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Most of the time you require a window cleaning service it's for general maintenance window washing. This is for the purpose of removing normal build-up of day-to-day grime such as dirt, dust, bug and bird droppings, air pollutants, and build-up from cooking, laundry, and air conditioning systems.

Our window washing service includes your whole window, not just the glass. This means that we clean the inside and outside of your glass as well as your outside window tracks, frames and inside window sills, and we even remove and brush your window screens. Screen cleaning is also provided at an additional charge and includes screen removal, washing with a screen cleaning chemical, power rinsing, hand drying, and the application of a screen brightener.

For the most part, there are only two things that general maintenance type window washing will likely not be able to clean off your glass surfaces and that's stubborn debris and overspray commonly associated with post-construction or remodeling work, and mineral deposit damage. Fortunately, Lone Star can handle both of these problems as well!

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Paint, plaster, stucco, texture, tape, window manufacturer stickers, adhesive residue, and silicone residue are all examples of debris that often comes in contact with your windows during construction or remodeling work. Removal of these substances requires not only the proper tools, chemicals and a unique skill set but it also requires a thorough knowledge of today’s glass technology, the different varieties of glass and potential glass quality issues.

Whether you are a builder / contractor who needs a full construction window clean-up, or a home owner who needs paint removed from your windows after a recent home improvement project, give us a call, we'll get even your most stubbornly dirty post-construction windows pristine clean.


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Mineral deposit damage on glass surfaces can be caused by a variety of sources, including contact with hard water such as landscape sprinklers hitting your glass, metal oxidation, or masonry run-off. Glass restoration techniques are required to remove mineral staining. Lone Star Spit And Shine provides expert window restoration services to make your damaged windows look like new!

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Whether we like it or not, others judge us by how we look. Lone Star Spit And Shine offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning packages to help maintain your property’s polish. Packages are customized to your specific needs and may include window washing, blind cleaning, exterior power washing, awnings, sidewalk and gutter cleaning and more. Contact us for pricing. Discounts are available for repeat work.

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